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11 Essential Food Photography Tips From Top Food Photographers

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Food Photography is an essential element of food blogging. If you are a food blogger, you will get better results by taking better food photos.
So, let’s get to 11 Food Photography Tips from outstanding food photographers.

1. Understand Light for Better Food Photos

Liz Vidyarthi mentioned in her interview how she uses light and her process for food photography. For any photographer, it is important to understand light. If you are food photographer, you simply cannot improve if you don’t know how to manipulate light. Listen to this food photography interview with Liz Vidyarthi to learn more about lighting, lighting equipment and her workflow.

2. Don’t Ignore Prop Styling

Prop styling is the most ignored element by most new food photographers. Ilva Beretta fabulously explained the basics of prop styling and shared with us, how she uses props in her own photographs. She also mentioned some simple and easy ways to use props in food photograph. In part one of this interview she talks about basics of prop styling and in part 2 she explains her method of using props in food photos.

3. Choose Your Background Carefully

Strong food photos have well thought background. Meeta Khurana has a knack for choosing some great backgrounds for her food photos. In a two part interview with Meeta, she shared how you can learn food photography on your own and her tips on choosing background for food photos.
4. Start Shooting Raw Food
Raw food is most convenient to shoot. You don’t have to worry about a asparagus melting because you couldn’t take photos in time. You don’t even have to worry about tomato not being hot enough. All you have to think is the veggies are fresh. Bring some fresh veggie and get started. When you are learning culinary photography, raw food is a very convenient way to experiment and learn this skill. Clare Barboza explained how to take raw food photos in a previous interview.

5. Learn Food Styling and Food Plating

A photograph can only be as beautiful as the subject is. Food styling and plating are two very important elements of a beautiful photograph. French Culinary Institute graduate chef and food photographer Adriana Mullen shared some tips to better food styling and plating in an interview with us. Read Adriana’s food styling tips.

6. Become a Great Storyteller

We all love stories. Great stories win hearts. Storytelling in one frame is an advanced photography skill that can be improved only by practicing. Listen to Matt Wright’s interview on food photography and how to tell a story with food photos.

7. Keep Experimenting

Mowie Kay’s good looking dessert blog is no secret to most LFP readers. He has won a lot of praise and recognition for his food photography. His advice to new food photographers is to keep experimenting. Framing and lighting and positioning, change it all and take that photo again. Read Mowie’s food photography tips.

8. Regularly Charge Your Creative Batteries

When you are starting to learn a new skill, it is important to be inspired and keep the wheels of creativity running and working. Aran Goyoaga mentioned some very fabulous food photographers, stylists in her interview. Look at their work and study their portfolios. Read Aran’s food photography interview..

9. Develop Your Vision

You may remember that we had a great interview with Matt Armendariz. We discussed a lot about vision and keeping the goal in mind. The secret to a great photographer begins with vision and understanding your vision. Understand how you can develop your vision and listen to Matt’s interview and start answering that one extremely important photography question..

10. Learn the Basics of Photography

Liz mentioned the importance of learning photography in general. Food photography is a special type of photography. Every aspiring photographer needs to know the basics of photography. Listen to Liz Vidyarthi’s food photography interview and learn how she improves her photography by analyzing wide variety of photographers.

11. Stay Inspired and Learn From Experts

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Above all, continue your journey to excellence not just by taking food photos regularly but also by listening to interviews of these experts on a regular basis. Listen to all food photography interviews.
Neel C is the Chief Photographer at Learn Food Photography Blog and publishes food photography tips and food styling post. Enroll in FREE 30 day food photography course and get better food photos.

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