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Is fruit juice better or fruit itself?

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Fruits are an important ingredient in the human diet. According to the medical science, fruits are the natural sources of all types of vitamins, minerals, and other substances that the human body needs to live a healthy life.
The debate often continues, if the vegetarian way of living is better than the non-vegetarian way? The answer to this debate is still under consideration. In a similar manner, people often indulge in talking about is fruit juice better or the fruit itself?

It is a fact that both fruits and fruit juices are good for health as they supply the body with some of the major nutrients. However, if you make a comparison between the fruit juices and the fruit itself, then you would find out some amazing facts that clearly say that fruits are far better than their juices.
Though it is difficult to find which is better fruit or fruit juice, you can still concentrate on the following points to come out with a clear resolution for the question, is fruit juice better or the fruit itself?
Remember that most of these points are scientifically proved, and that is why there remain absolutely no doubts in their reliability:

Juices Do Not Contain Fiber:

Absence of the fiber is a major negative factor for the juices. If you are serious about finding the best reply for the question, is fruit juice better or the fruit itself, then this can be a decisive factor for you. You must know that most of the fruits have natural fibers that are essential for the body. Since fruit juices do not have them at all, fruits are always the better option.
Juices Lack in Pulp:
Fruit pulp is a store house of nutritive ingredients. Eating the fruits directly can supply your body with the best of these nutritive elements. However, the pulp is not available in fruit juices. This is one of the major reasons that can help you to find out the answer to the question, which is best fruit or fruit juice?
morning-breakfast-orange-juiceFruit Juices Have Preservatives:
Packaged fruit juices are manufactured with some preservatives. This is done to keep them consumable for a longer period of time. However, these preservatives are not good for the health. While comparing the fruit juices with the real fruits, you must remember that they are real and they do not have preservatives. Eat them so that you can get the nutritive elements directly.
Fruit Juices Have Added Flavors and Sugar:
Both artificial flavors and extra amount of sugar are extremely harmful for the human body. You cannot afford to take them, if you are trying to develop a healthy eating habit. As per the latest surveys and research studies, most of the flavors used these days are made with harmful chemicals.
They make these fruit juices extremely harmful for the body. You must read the medical guidelines and look for the list of ingredients of the fruit juice before buying and consuming them.
If you compare fruit juices with real fruits, then you must have come out with a decision that juices are just short cut ways of eating fruits but they do not have all the goodness of the real fruits. With the points mentioned above, it becomes easier for you to find out the answer of the question, “is fruit juice better or the fruit itself?”

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