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Mini Matcha Chocolate No-Bake Ice Box Cake

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I had a lovely ladies lunch of pulled pork pizza with my dear friend Lyndsay yesterday. It was a gorgeously sunny day and afterwards we wandered over to a newly opened ice cream place for swirls of soft serve with cornflakes, matcha, red beans, and sweetened condensed milk for dessert. It was a really, really nice day for Vancouver, but it didn’t last. While we were heading home we saw some crazy haze over the city. It didn’t look right and we both thought it was a little intense.

It was a crazy chemical fire! In case it turned out to be the coming of the apocalypse and the city was destined to be attacked by chemical mutants, I decided to go out with what I imagine my ideal last meal in civilization would be: taco Tuesday Wednesday.

I’m not talking about homemade carne asada or al pastor street tacos either. Nope, Mike and I had straight up old school crunchy Old El Paso tacos with ground meat, shredded cheese, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. They tasted like childhood: warm, friendly, and safe. And for dessert, these matcha ice box mini cakes I made the day before.

They’re a super straight-forward dessert. Chocolate wafers, deliciously dark and crisp, paired with un-sweetened matcha whipped cream. It’s a classic ice-box cake with a twist. If you’ve had ice-box cake, you know the dreamy texture of softened wafers, the way your fork slides through the layers with just the hint of resistance. Maybe you’ve even had chocolate and matcha together. They pair surprisingly well: matcha with its natural bittersweetness is a lovely foil to dark chocolate. Cookies and cream, what could be better?

Oh, and for the record, I don’t know if my last meal would be tacos. It might have to be pizza. Or noodles. Or something with potatoes…

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