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Have you been a Driveway Series spectator but interested in finding out what its like out there on the track? Then join us at the Beginning Racer Program!

Sponsored by Bicycle Sport Shop and taught by the elite racing team Super Squadra presented by Eliel Cycling, The Beginning Racer Program will teach you the necessary skills for your race debut. The five clinic series is designed to give you a baseline in fundamental pack skills, cornering, improving situational awareness and pack positioning, and sprinting basics. Since the clinics are not weekly, you can hop in a race on the off week and come to the next clinic with questions.

Participation varies from clinic-to-clinic, but overall what brings people is an excitement to learn a new way to have fun on their bike. Most have never raced a crit before, while some want to brush-up on what they do know. You’ll get the most out of attending the full series, but you have the option to drop in and attend any clinic for a specific skillset.


The Super Squadra team competes locally, in the state-wide TXBRA series, and at select events across the country. They have a wealth of experience and talent on their team. They’re helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. Each clinic begins with an explanation of the skill for the day, a warm-up, and then drills that they’ve perfected in order to relay the basics of that skill. Each clinic ends with a practice race. After the clinic, stick around for complimentary beer and watch Super Squadra compete in the Pro 1/2/3 Men’s race.

If you’ve ever wanted to race the Driveway, sign-up for the Beginning Racer Program. It will help you transition from recreational rider to bike racer with ease.

July 21: Basic Pack Skills
August 4: Cornering
August 18: Improving Pack Awareness
September 8: Sprinting Basics
October 6: Bringing it all Together

Use discount code BRPFriend20 (for $20 per clinic) and BRPFriend100 ($100 for the series).

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