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The NFL and the English capital on the Thames inspire even in 2016 European NFL fans again with football at its best. At least, the plan.

As in the previous three games for London are scheduled for 2016th If you look at the announced encounters, the anticipation rises noticeably.

All three games will again be held in the stadium venerable Wembley.

The so-called “International Series” starts on October 02 2016 with the game of the Indianapolis Colts against the London Dauergast Jacksonville Jaguars. A great news for the many fans of the Colts with the German defensive tackle.

Those who wonder why Jacksonville (already) here is again: there is a contractual agreement between the Jaguars and the NFL. The team from Florida will host each game in London in each season to of 2019. One would thus create a fan base of the Jaguars in London. Wishful thinking, which is not yet been fulfilled.

Since many fans is the difficult anyway already other teams keep our fingers crossed. Also sporting the Jaguars must finally drauflegen a shovel. Only then it is possible to inspire the younger fans in Europe.

NFL London 2016

The second game will be held on 23 October. The New York Giants take on the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are the years in St. Louis back in LA. It will be interesting how the team develops in the first season after moving.

When the New York Giants one may hope to cheer the German professional Markus Kuhn in the square. The likeable Mannheim is since 2012 active for the Giants and has since earned a place in the squad Giants Defense.

In the third game, the Washington Redskins take on the Cincinnati Bengals. The Redskins continue to enjoy much sympathy among European football fans. This base was created by successful football in the eighties and early nineties.

Tickets for NFL London 2016

Generally you can buy 2016 tickets for three games from mid-January. Further down the page you will find links to the party and Ticketmaster viagogo. There both single tickets and so-called Season tickets will be available for all three NFL games in London.

If you want you view all three games, you are with the season tickets of course again favorable turn compared to the purchase of individual tickets.

Here again the data of the NFL London 2016 Overview:

02 October 2016 Indianapolis Colts – Jacksonville Jaguars

October 23, 2016. New York Giants – Los Angeles Rams

30 October 2016 Washington Redskins – Cincinnati Bengals

One of the games should be as a football fan to visit in any case. The mood at Wembley is very playful and Encounters promise in season 2016 Action and top-class football. In particular, on the pairings with German participation can be very happy.

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