Super Bowl 2015 – final of the NFL in Arizona

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The Super Bowl 2015 will be held on 01 February. The venue is the “University of Phoenix Stadium” in Glendale, Arizona. This is usually the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals.

It is the second Super Bowl in this stadium in the Grand Canyon State Arizona. Already in 2008 the NFL was here for final guest. At the time, could New York Giants sensational prevail against the New England Patriots . A legendary game in which Eli Manning finally stepped out of the shadow of his brother Peyton and the NFL became superstar. We can only hope that it in 2015 similarly thrilling approaching.

In 49th Super Bowl, the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. Through wins against Indianapolis and Baltimore New England could bring the crown of AFC. In the NFC, the Seahawks switched on your way to Super Bowl 2015, the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers.pexels-photo-58573

Seattle is the defending champion in the Super Bowl in 2015. Last year, you could defeat the Denver Broncos. For Seattle, it is since 2006 the third appearance in the big final of the NFL in the 38-year anniversary of the club. The first time, you had to admit defeat with 21-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The majority of German viewers will probably push the New England Patriots thumbs. The German NFL player Sebastian Vollmer shows there for years excellence. The unexcited nature of the 145 Kg of Megalithic Dusseldorf makes the German Legionnaires also very sympathetic.

The Super Bowl 2015 TV

SAT1 has the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl in Germany in the year, 2015. When you have taken in 2012 the transfer of the ARD, it was well known, a few problems.

what I believe is now running very confident and entertaining on SAT1. Also thanks commentator Frank Buschmann, who I think is one of the best in his field (the Buschi ARD or ZDF should have time arrange for the World Cup, but now I digress ..).pexels-photo-29011

On the sidelines, the experienced presenter Andrea Kaiser is available for interviews and reports on the events and next to the square. At half-time pop star Katy Perry will make their skills.

Let the transfer at 23:15.

In pay TV the channel Sport1 US the regular season transfers in addition to numerous games, and of course the Super Bowl.

Sport1 US can subscribe to various providers. In addition to the Super Bowl in 2015 can be seen on Sport1 US as already mentioned, the games of the regular season, all playoff games and watch college football.

Learn to receive Sport1 US .

How can I get Super Bowl tickets?

Difficult! Just one percent of the available tickets for the Super Bowl 2015, publicly issued by the National Football League.pexels-photo-24546

This works a lot like Los method at a FIFA World Cup. Anyone interested must apply in writing for cards. This is only possible from February to early June, 2013.

Each applicant can obtain a maximum of two tickets. In November there is then the feedback from the NFL.

Quite old fashioned running the application process for the Super Bowl tickets by mail. Who wants to apply the next time.

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